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It's all about performance

Our Technology

Our specialized window film brand with superior qualities and features, both to satisfy the most demanding consumer needs. Solar control films are available in premium and sport quality, differences resides that the Sport quality film has any one lamination, instead of the dual lamination found in the premium line. Solardiamond provides a extended warranty in all lines against delamination, demetalization, and any other adhesive related problems.

Why Solardiamond?

Solardiamond represents maximum protection, wellness, comfort, space elegance and protection. Also Solardiamond responds to the global warming concern and extreme environmental conditions which affect you and your crystals everyday, these films protect your health reducing harmful uv-rays projection over the skin and eyesight.

Solardiamond® invest many hours in research to develop products with high durability in terms of discoloration, high strength adhesives, and high solar filtering, using own and private laboratories to endorse and support the results obtained.

Solardiamond® only uses tints and solvents with maximun quality U.V. inhibitors ensuring high durability and resistance to harmfull uv rays and extreme weather conditions.

1. Custom barcode labels, for ease of inventory control...
2. Color plastic end caps identified with Solardiamond logo.
3. Transparent plastic wrap for best roll visualization and protection in box. (mandatory)
4. Warning security seal maintains box closed and check is not broken. (mandatory)
5. UV box, fully laminated waterproof box and difficult to copy, to provide roll's maximum protection.
6. Look for the brand name imprinted onto the liner. (mandatory) (Not for Carbon Prime)
7. Look for the warranty sheet inside the package. (mandatory)
8. Carton smooth core.


"Finally i found an reliable film for my business, been using solardiamond for years, happy customers every day, Thanks"

Zack S. Malcom


"I got support everytiime i need, im so glad that we worked with great partnership and prompt reply, Great!".

Danny Wilkerson


Our legacy

Solardiamond, initially manufactured and formulated by Broward and Johnson, established in Miami, Florida, USA by the end of 1990. Window Film specialists, envisioned high performance solar controls films for the emerging markets and later in 1998 moved all their logistics and distributionoperations to Profilms, Inc. Then again in 2008 they successfully merged with Profilms Enterprise Inc. today they carry all current responsibilities for new products development, administration, production, and quality control operations.

Since 2009 Skin Glass is the main representative and responsible of the exclusive Brand commercialization and distribution for Latin America and the Caribbean. Skin Glass holds headquarters in the Republic of panama to assure themselves to be in the most strategic location to push their sales network across Latin Americaand the Caribbean. Thus achieving the highest quality and competitive conditions for price and logistics abroad the market.

Solardiamond founders, with such a long trajectory of more than 20 years in Window Film engineering experience, were able to recognize and develop unique product for Latin America and the Caribbean market, suitable for all the physical and mechanical film requirements in the region.


Using their experience and the best private lab consultants in the conversion industry, they selected the best manufacturer for lamination and metallization to produce the best solar control film with market’s top physical and solar properties, giving the birth of the Solardiamond brand name, a current icon on windowfilm industry.

The Original formula was targeted for the tropical climate, this innovative formula has the proper solar rays filtering. Later they redesign the formula to achieve a lesser aggressive adhesive which easily adapts in hot climates. Such characteristic made possible to overcome the competition, positioning Solardiamond as the leader on many emerging markets.


1990 - 1996

1997 - 2003

2004 - 2008

2009 - Today

Solar control films, were developed and conceived considering today's global needs, maintaining high quality production standard’s, thus offering excellent quality to backup your investment.

Solardiamond understand all of our consumer's different needs, that's why is offering and extended array of films, from light to dark tones, high performance tint to different metallic combinations, to satisfy all different needs and tastes.

Our Products

Solardiamond provides a extended warranty in all lines against delamination, demetalization, and any other adhesive related problems.

Carbon Black Panther
Sport Quality Window Film
Carbon Ultra
Premium Quality Film
Carbon Prime
Highg Performance IR Film
Titanium Pro
High Performance Dark IR Film
High Performance IR Film
Wrap Film
Show your dignity and glory in a special and different way.
High Reflective Film
Reflective with IR rejection
Security Window Film
Impact Resistant Film
Decorative Window Film
The perfect application for Residential/arquitectonic Settings
Do it Yourself
Perform single window film installation onto your car or truck.
that’s a cool car!.
Sand Blast
Translucent embossed vinyl film. Beautiful Film!

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